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Nastiest In-Game Dunks

January 31, 2012
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Once dunked on ‘ entire family tree, I figured this would be the perfect time to revisit some of the nastiest in-game dunks ever.  Check them out, and vote on which was best:

This was a preseason game, but the broke his man’s ankles at the top of the key before unloading all over .  Wallace, for the record, did have a bit of revenge in the 2004 Finals…but we won’t go there.

We’ve all seen it at least 100 x’s before, but Jordan’s baseline dunk will always be mentioned in terms of the greatest ever.  The sheer force by which Jordan threw it down is only upstaged by the fact that if you watch closely, you can actually see Ewing in great position to make a play on the ball, but Jordan’s ladder simply extended to another level.  Commentator said it all.

I really hope (or a member of his family) doesn’t happen to click on this post, because it doesn’t look good for him thus far.  Ok, where to begin…I don’t know what’s worse… the fact that Pippen pushes Ewing on his way down (after the THUNDEROUS dunk), or the fact that he walks over him while giving him the D’Angelo ‘How Does it FEEEEEL’ pose?

Not bad, and one of many from the Diesel.  I’m always partial to this one, because of how much contempt Shaq had for ‘The Admiral’.

I can appreciate this one simply for the fact that BDiddy chose to show off the fact that a man with a gut just did that to you. BD: “Yeah, !  Look at all that belly that just dunked on” Kirelenko: “NIET! I will not :( ”  Yes, after that dunk, Kirelenko’s ‘sadface’ was actually audible.

This may have been the very moment decided to leave Cleveland.

Mr. Wade, if you dish it out…you have to be able to RECEIVE!

The commentator asked “WHAT are you DOING?!?”…and I still want to know.  I give the kid credit for trying to challenge…but come on bruh.  You know where your ladder goes, and it obviously isn’t the same as Mr. Rose.

Old Man Bryant still had a little bit of spring left for Okafor.

can’t even get his point out without laughing about it.  GAWD, I miss those old Suns vs. Lakers battles.  don’t miss Smush at the point, though.  Neither does Kobe.

Why did  have to do that old man like that?

took it to the chin on this one.  I could make an entire post with just Human Highlight clips.  Folks often forget to mention his name when discussing the 80′s greats.

May as well finish it off with Perkins getting Ginger Snapped.

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